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The Difference

We have found a better way to solve problems and help your solutions deliver results.

Every day, Our teams around the world work to elevate our offerings and customer service to a standard you just won’t find anywhere else. You will experience the Neolytics difference in every aspect of our interactions – from the solutions we design to the way we handle customer service and support.

Just a few of the reasons our customers keep coming back:

Your business is at the center of everything we do

Our solutions are designed and deployed around what you need, period. We take time to understand your business and how it can operate more efficiently, then we help you create the roadmap to meet your needs and budgets. Every business is unique, so your corporate culture, preferences, and requirements are the focal point around which we design your solutions. What we do for you is, by its nature, different from what we do for anyone else.

We are a Qlik Business Partner

To ensure that we provide our customers with top of the line, industry-leading technology, our team is continuously staying up to date on Qlik’s analytic roadmap for QlikView & QlikSense. We have taken the time to learn these products inside and out, so we can find new and important ways to apply them to your business challenges.

We bring powerhouse technologies to work for you.

It’s not your job to know the technology inside out. That’s our job. Our experts will walk you through proven applications, so you can meet your business objectives. We continually add to our software and solutions offerings, so we can continue to keep you ahead of the curve. As experts in the many available options, we’ll help you navigate the choices to select the platforms that will accelerate productivity and results for your business.

We are problem solvers.

We aren’t run of the mill salespeople; we are business consultants predominantly problem solvers. You tell us what you’d like to improve across your business and we’ll find the right solutions. Whether you need better communication, improved reporting, reduced costs, increased earnings, raised productivity or anything else, we’re prepared for the challenge

We bring order to chaos.

If your business is running at full speed, you will have important content being produced in every direction. You are not alone in this. Our professional team helps you bring structure to information and processes, so you can do more business and do it better. With offerings like PracticeInsights, we will walk you through the best methods to manage your data in a way that provides more value to your business.

We protect you.

As business intelligence experts, we know too well the costs associated with inaccurate and out of date content. We also know that even the most well-meaning people – current employees or business partners – can unintentionally drive up costs whilst generating un-meaningful reports. Our PracticeInsights™ solution is an advanced analytics system that enables you to control and change up to date reports in real-time as your business grows and changes.

We help you grow.

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to realise value that was sitting there all along. Our PracticeInsights solution helps you derive greater value from your existing business content. In this age of big data, maximise how you access and use yours with better systems than you’ve ever had before.

We are real humans.

Technology is the “what”, not the “how”. We deliver improved business processes, leveraging smarter technologies to help you get results. But every software, every solution, is provided by real people with real professional expertise. When you have a question, you speak to an actual person. A novel concept, we know! Its about understanding and concentrating on the real business needs of our clients more than our own.