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About Neolytics

How is an award-winning solutions provider created?

Practice Management Solutions

At Neolytics we understand the challenges in practice management and the solutions required to maximise a company’s investment in their practice management systems. We recognise the need for senior management to have an insight into their responsible part of the business and the ability to make informed decisions based upon reliable and accurate information, and the costs associated when this fails.

Effective Team

At Neolytics we understand the challenges of building and maintaining and delivering business outcome improvements. Our consultancy services team have spent many years helping companies implement leading edge business enhancement solutions. We want our customers to benefit from this experience where it is most needed and in the most cost effective manner possible.

Delivering Value

The way we go to market, and the way we engage with our customers is based on having a team of people who are equipped to truly create and deliver value. It is about being focused on the customer’s business objectives rather than our own.

Professional Delivery

Through the professional delivery of our solutions, Neolytics make a positive business impact with strong ROI through competitive pricing models and quality integration into the Business landscape through intelligent design and effective management of solutions and supporting services. Working closely with our clients, we ensure a fuller understanding of the Business goals and how they can be measured by the internal KPIs, so as to build a strong ROI that can be measured by the Business. Being accountable is key to the success of any project and Neolytics ensure clear metrics as well as the soft value-add solutions, such as staff retention and morale, can bring to our client’s business.